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Art Exhibition: Bleken/Nerol/Raa Nilsen/Nossen


13.05.2017 00:00 to 31.08.2017 00:00

The art exhibition at Agatunet (13/5 - 31/8 2017) displays works by the artists Håkon Bleken, Gunnveig Nerol, Eli Raa Nilsen and Sally Nossen.

Håkon Bleken (born 1929) is one of Norway's premier contemporary artists. Bleken is represented in central galleries and museums and has performed extensive decoration tasks. In addition, he has a large and enthusiastic audience. 

Gunnveig Nerol
is a visual artist living and working in Hol in Hallingdal. For the exhibition in Agatunet this summer she will display high-quality glass painting, drawings and paintings.  Nerol's work spans over several techniques and expressions. They are investigations of topics, but also reflections over different experiences. In the abstract image, she has created an expression for story telling and reflection. The concrete becomes abstract, and the abstract can be read concretely. 

Eli Raa Nilsen seeks a mythical dimension in the ambiguity of her paintings, where a vague diversity meets the precise and simple. Her art may focus on topics like childhood, vitality or nature.   

Sally Nossen  is a ceramist living in Oslo. She will exhibit unique cups, bowls, vases and pitchers. 

sally Nossen, vase