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Mother's Gift - folk costumes through 5 generations.

We are very glad to be able to show the vestimentary exhibition Mother's Gift - a display of more than 200 pieces of clothing and accessories belonging to the local folk costume tradition. All these come from the same family, once inhabitants of Agatunet, and was gifted to the museum by Mildrid Fagertveit in 2006.

Midrid's great grandmother, Ingebjørg Johannesdotter Aga, grew up in Agatunet. She was born in 1830, and the youngest of 9 children. She grew up in a time when many districts had a strong local costume tradition, also for everyday use. The clothing tradtions specific to an area would include clothes for every occasion, and from cradle to grave. These are the clothes we today refer to as folk costumes. In modern times, it is the more festive ones, and the festive use, that has survived.

The exhibition Mother's gift gives a unique glimpse into the vestimentary tradition of Aga and Hardanger over the last 150 years.

The exhibition is open every year, in season.