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Mette Tronvoll - Portrett

The internationally renowned Norwegian photo artist Mette Tronvoll exhibits in Agatunet this summer. She is known for her original portraits and landscapes. Tronvoll lives and works in Oslo. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography, from Person School of Design in New York. Since 2016 Tronvoll is a government grant holder.

In Agatunet you can see the well known portraits of the Norwegian Queen, Queen Sonja, along with pictures from Africa and Greenland. Also included are recent portraits from Tronvoll's new project Norwegians in the 21st century, in which the artist - inspired by the German photographer August Sanders, sets out to portray the complexity and vulnerability of contemporary society, through portraits of her contemporary Norwegians. Tronvoll conveys in a direct, bold fashion, and offers very interesting rendezvous with people through her portraits.

Tronvoll works with analogue photography, mainly with a Linhof large format camera (4x5inches), and a Hasselblad full format. All portraits are done in natural daylight, with 1 second shutter speed - which demands a decent degree of concentration also from the person being photographed, and gives a mellow, soft light, and deep richness in colour.