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Miserabiles Personae

Miserabiles Personae - society's pitiable persons

Would you like more about medieval childhood and life? The exhibition Miserabiles personae tells about life in the time of King Magnus the Lawmender's Code of 1274, Norway's first

Mette Tronvoll, Portrett av Liv Sollesnes

Mette Tronvoll - Portrett

The internationally renowned Norwegian photo artist Mette Tronvoll exhibits in Agatunet this summer. She is known for her original portraits and landscapes. Tronvoll lives and works

Gåva frå mor 7, Elisabeth Emmerhoff

Mother's Gift

We are very glad to be able to show the vestimentary exhibition Mother's Gift - a display of more than 200 pieces of clothing and accessories belonging to the local folk costume