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The Knight's club and medieval playroom

Come and play in our medieval playroom, join the Knight's club and get your Knight's Diploma to prove that you will be courteous and righteous in your ways!

The stone basement of the Legist's house - which once housed a real knight, has become a medieval activity room for children. Here you can dress up, ride the wooden knight's horse, test a throne, build a castle, draw, read, play and have a good time.

The playroom is open for all children, age (approx.) 4-12. A single ticket gives access to the room and all you can do there, a seasonal ticket will give you membership in our club and a Knight Diploma.

A knight was a warrior and horseman, but it was of outmost importance that the knight was a shining example of courteous and righteous behavious, that he was respectful, and cared for those in hardship or weaker than himself. These are ideals that easily translates to our times!

In the Knight's Club we want to embrace and develop childrens interest in history in a playful and fun way. Our point of departure is the exciting story of our very own knight and legist, Sigurd Brynjulvsson, who lived in Aga in the latter half of the 13th century. Throughout the year we will offer different activities, workshops, activity knights etc. Look out for action!